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‘Diamonds are forever ‘; this phrase aptly places diamonds in a class of their own, a privileged class that has transcend generations.

It is therefore no surprise that diamond rings have become the dream of most newly weds.

I will examine the timelessness of the expression ‘Diamonds are forever ‘ in the face of fashionable wedding rings made of different gemstones.

I will also look at what are contributing to the slow state of the market for diamond wedding rings among the millennial, and the measures to reclaim the glory of diamond rings.

I will affirm the age old expression ‘Diamonds are forever ‘ and let you know that you still can rely on the power of diamonds in its foray of use,while finally asking that you click here to view the goodness and beauty of diamonds.

Is the market slow down real?

Recent reports in the jewelry industry have lent themselves to a slowing in the market of diamond rings especially the expensive diamond rings.

How has this come about? What are the contributing factors?

There has been a general attempts by governments across the world to controlling a burst in population. As population growth slows, it has also affected the universe of self-purchasing females who buy jewelry for themselves as well as males who purchase the rings for their ladies. Research done had previously estimated that the number of females in the United States would rise by about 60 million between now and 2050.

But new forecast calls for an increase of only 40 million – 45 million females, a suggestion of potentially high numbers of growing females who are cart for marriage, and can lead to buying more jewelry.

It is also noticed that the younger generation of consumers appear to be less attached to traditional diamond jewelry than their parents and grandparents, a fact supported by many industry analysts.

Millennial consumers have distinctive preferences, which in many ways diverge from that of previous generations. They are also preferring to marry later.

The median age for millennial women to marry is 27 and for men 29, according to a study.

The rate of increase in the age of the first time bride has been found to be greater than the rate of population increase, a boost for the diamond business.

Added advantage!

Younger women are not marrying early, something that was well fancied in the past. The industry has an added advantage in the supposed delayed marriages.

The late marrying by younger generation adds to the numbers looking at marrying in the future, and also gives industry enough time to discover the true passions of the youthful generations and sell them their desires away from what their parents and grandparents in the past.

Among women aged 15 to 45, just 36.4% of them were in their first marriage in the five-year period 2006 – 2010, down 8% from the early 1980s.

As the marriage rate declines, jewelers have a long waiting time to tap into the opportunity to sell high-ticket diamond engagement rings as well as other contemporary bridal and wedding rated jewelry.

Hey, from hindsight, you see that at one time, an estimated three-fourth of all American brides were given a traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The tradition persists with  now fewer brides-to-be receiving diamond engagement solitaire rings.

However, the expansion in the use of other fashionable rings, including receiving a piece of family jewelry, a piece of estate jewelry(sometimes re-crafted),have boosted the variety of choices, open to brides-to-be.

The good benefit to the industry and also the patrons of jewelry products, particularly diamond rings is well boosted for the future, and must not be left to slip off.

Falling divorce rate and impact

This is such an interesting twist for the jewelry industry. It is said that the rate of divorce is falling, meaning that not many couples are coming forward for second and subsequent marriages, and therefore contribute to falling purchases of jewelry.

Beautiful and sustained marriages have the best of times to kind of refresh the bond binding them, and usually look forward to sharing other items of love and stock their jewelry boxes for the benefit of making definitive statements about themselves

The wish to adorn their stock on their grandchildren, who are due to marry and ask from them. Building a lasting family history and power are found partly in the quality items of jewelry that parents are ready to bequeath to generations after them.

Glimpses of increased buying

Already forecasters are calling for significant growth in the number of weddings in the American social setup over the next 10 years.

This will thus increase and drive growth in demand for diamond engagement and wedding rings, and related bridal jewelry.

With such a high potential of envisaged buying, industry can begin to considering the following as also providing further Jewelry stockinroads for selling.Investment valuable

1. Raise the average ticket for rings for older couples. They cherish the best in jewelry and will stock as statements of wealth, and would be willing to pay more for good course. They have made money and can afford to spend on expensive engagement rings.

2. There must be the added benefit of trading in add-on jewelry items such as wedding bands, bride’s gifts and groom’s gifts, as well as other wedding-related gifts.

3. Milestone activities and celebrations have won strong attachment to the younger married couples, and the need to promote anniversary related jewelry items in the language and style of the younger generation, will have its own benefit for increasing sales of jewelry in the market.

4. Continue to utilize affiliate marketing outlets in this competitive market that has eyes on the limited resources of buying gatekeepers. These have the tendency to spend more on luxury items often than necessity items, as a way of satisfying their emotional connections and ego.

It is bright out there

Diamonds are elegant and timeless regardless of campaigns to cut back at it. It has history on its side, and has bolstered enough strength in terms of wealth and status, spewing out a sense of extravagance.

And it will be no different going into the future. Real is rare, and real is a diamond.

The apparent slow down is transient, and is already showing a good bounce, which is positive assurance for consumers and the business community.

Though many stones flood the market, the timelessness of diamond still stands out. Diamonds are forever.

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