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In those ancient days the extent of adornment of jewelry was the preserve of the royaldom. Make no mistake it was not accidental that many of utensils used by ancient royals were of high carats gold. Ancient Egypt is a good example of the extent jewelry was revered and adorned.

In the Gold Coast of West Africa, particularly the Ashanti Kingdom for example, the Asantehene (king of the Ashantis) was a total embodiment of jewelry whenever he stepped out during festivals. Because the territory was found to belay an earth full of pure gold, and gold mining had been an age-old enterprise, it is of no wonder that the land was named gold coast.

The value behind the spirited cladding of ornaments and jewelry in some tribal settings also indicate class and accomplishments, and again determine where one sits in the comity of royals. Great stuff.

I intend to touch on the importance of jewelry in fashion and to show the types of value jewelry is accorded in social settings. Again the authority of the social standing gained enriches why jewelry is virtually the preserve of the affluent. Such strong perception is also influenced by social trending and lifestyle, which will also be discussed.


I’m today’s world, we have come to appreciate dynasties and royals in their style of dressing, and how much also of the kinds of support make-ups including jewelry that are used to gain after dressing satisfaction. A marvelous inclusion.

It is well-founded that fashion which connotes a popular trending, especially in styles of dressing and manners of behavior have also found to be sharing a common diadem with jewelry. Some have opined that dressing without jewelry is incomplete (at special levels). This is because jewelry is the sharpener that gives visibility to the personality. The following are also how society sees jewelry in fashion, providing the elevation that is celebrated.

1. Class act. If you step out well-dressed, the feeling is different especially with the adornment of valuable jewelry (chain, earrings, brooch, bangles and a wristwatch). You are placed in a social high class instantly. This is not about over-embellishing yourself in sophistication but really being gentlemanly.

2. Adds Value. Particularly if you invest in value laden jewelry (it is common to find ‘cheap’ jewelry around). It improves status and opens doors. As an asset, it is easily convertible for cash with values appreciating.

3. Uniqueness. Some can go for one off kind of jewelry which is not easy to duplicate in its uniqueness. These belong to superstars and Hollywood greats.

4. Invoke Spirits. This however pertains to individuals and their faith. Some can invoke spirit into their rings, chains etc. for protection. It must be known that the product is ordinarily made to exercise grace and comfort in their usage and therefore any spirit invocation is self-induced.


We are in agreement that trending fashions have had less durable influence on society with passage of time. Dressing styles with matching shoe types and of course, domineering haircuts and wigs etc. have in one way or another shaped the fashion landscape and made considerable demands on our financial capabilities. We can say the same for jewelry trend, encapsulated in various materials and gems, sometimes influenced by color, cut, carats and closeness of clarity, blend in shapes that are meant for authority/royalty, social/class and for economic/cheap considerations. We must however come to grips that all said, the mix of the jewelry product has expanded beyond comprehension, thus indicating the role and functional need to society, and again how much it compliments fashion in its rise and fall. So you see, the expanse and graded shades of jewelry available, and the continued study into its variety in terms of materials, natural and synthetic, makes the want of it endurable sustainable; a very common commodity with huge acceptability and demand.


Just like many other things, how much the market is willing to exchange for it determines largely the measured quality to be expected of the product. A graphic display demand for aspects or a composite pack of jewelry shows that quality tends to converge at the apex of the market, and the relationship with price is direct, that is the higher the quality in grade the higher the price. Again it is found to be inversely related to availability and supply, meaning that the more expensive the jewelry, the less available it is. So every dealer has to operate in its own niche and expect a considerable amount of business according to the segment of the market you operate in.


In many years of contemporary situations, including be known and unknown worlds, materials that are integral for the production and finish of jewelry, as a product for a means of exchange, have seen and become a major world asset which countries have had to jealously guide and distribute in the global market so that the revenues that are accrued, are used to support the developmental needs and projects for the owners of the wealth, that is the citizens.

These minerals and materials, both in natural and synthetic forms, have great value, even as they are obtained in the raw, and as they are processed via value addition arrangement acquire derived values which are higher than in their raw form. Sorry to admit that because of the overall values of these production inputs, devastating consequences have arisen, leading wars, and destruction, world pollution and climate change and global warming, to mention just a few. We can ask therefore why we continue to seek the mining of these materials? You must appreciate that the demand of man is always growing and expanding, and we are not satisfied, you and me, the demanded and the supplier, we are always looking for the means that will enable us to meet our mutual needs, and ultimately ensure some level of fairness in the exchange, period!! This is our world and these are our demands, so we get them at all cost first, before we think about the impact and we go on to seek potential ways to remedy the ills we have created. Such is the world, our world. So until then, I want to shout again that JEWELRY is FOREVER.


We have a social contract of ensuring that we live to our utmost satisfaction, making the most of our lives without let it hindrance, albeit recognizing that we are a people of laws, creeds, faiths, beliefs and constitutions, made by ourselves for ourselves and our well-being. Many things we have made willfully or harmful yet we are the reason. These are what we wear, what we eat, and how we manage sleep, heat and cold. In the end we enjoy our lives, by satisfying our social and economic needs. In all we do, we have our jewelry to keep.

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