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Investment in Jewelry and its rate of return are as determined by the uncertainty of current economic times that has pushed many consumers and investors into purchasing hard assets such as fine jewelry, precious metals and gems.

The question by many of them is whether this is a good idea to invest in jewelry.

It is generally believed that jewelry is a wearable art and its primary purpose is to bring enjoyment to its owner with a secondary benefit of long term economic value.

Jewelry is imbued with an emotional investment value that makes it priceless. However, when you purchase a piece of jewelry, you want to ensure that the item will retain its monetary value over time.

Whether you are buying a stunning necklace, or a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, there are certain factors that will ensure that your jewelry remains valuable forever.

Is Jewelry a Good Investment?

There is no doubt that gold jewelry is a good investment.

The fact that the jewelry is made from precious metals that seem to be rising over time, and from precious stones, mean that it is attractive as an investment item that is likely to appreciate.

Some reasons why jewelry is seen as an attractive investment item by many: its portable. It’s easy to store at home. It can be held in a safe, and it can be carried away if you have to leave in a hurry.

For many, true value is found in the tangibles. Many people like to have something that they can touch, and that has what many people considerable tangible value.

To those who are thinking that precious metals and stones have tangible worth, jewelry feels like a much safer bet than relying on a fait currency.

It holds value: even if it doesn’t appreciate in value, many people expect jewelry to at least hold its own in terms of worth, especially gold jewelry.

A Testimony for jewelry investment

Michael Khoridpour of M Khoridpoure and founder of EstateDiamondJewelry.com pointing to the value of jewelry to a lady friend who did not seem to know the worth of priced jewelry she possessed, remarked thus, “You have a safe deposit box full of antique, signed and rare high quality pieces which have held their value and/or appreciated with time. You have assets. It might different from real estate or paper but you have invested in your future.”

Michael shed some well-needed light on potential returns on the lady’s jewelry asset. Having exposed the lady to potential value on her jewelry, she remarked thus: “I have been collecting jewelry for the past 25years I had bought these pieces to celebrate important moments in my life, I enjoyed shopping for them and wearing them gave me even more enjoyment. And, although I knew that what I owed had real value, I had never quite thought of jewelry purchased as wise investment before.”

Buy What You Love, But Also Buy Wisely

Auction houses such as Christie’s International and Sotheby’s routinely sell antique jewelry that fetches millions of dollars.

The jewelry usually belonged to noteworthy members of society, such as Hollywood legends, blue-blood elites and royal families. Therefore, its historic significance adds several zeros to the final asking prices.

Jewelry as an investment item provides twofold reliefs — it is an investment in your present happiness and also in your future fortunes.

Simon Teakle, who ran the jewelry department at Christie’s New York for 20years and then in 2012 opened Simon Teakle Fine Jewelry in Greenwich Connecticut had this to say “buying rare and signed one-of-a-kind jewelry is similar to buying fine art.” He continues “You can invest in it and it becomes part of your pleasure and your portfolio.”

You should never buy jewelry as a short term investment if you are not in the business. When you are buying with an investment in mind, you must be as critical as possible on quality and condition, provenance and what the strong names and styles in the signed pieces are.

These definitely have longevity to them but you need to learn how to buy what you love but also buy wisely.

Can it be Risky?

Many have said that jewelry merchandise, particularly gold jewelry is second to none as a personal investment with psychological and financial benefits.

Yet the question remains, is gold jewelry a good investment from a strictly business point of view? It may not be the ideal choice from a purely financial perspective.

Like any type of investment, collecting jewelry requires that you talk to the experts, read up on the subject and gain as much knowledge as possible.

You also need to have an innate love and a good eye for quality that will ensure good financial returns. The market has seen a lot of unpredictability in the past as it has been fluctuating with increasingly frequency. In such scenarios, investors are bound to worry about their investment.

Another area of challenge besides safety and storage is that, when it comes selling gold jewelry, the owner loses a lot of money in melting to remold the gold. He gets lesser amount of gold and therefore loses on price compared to the price paid at the time of buying the jewelry.

To clarify, the resale value of gold decreases because of the jewelry ‘breaking’ charges. Also, you should note that the making charges are way too high with respect to buying jewelry as well.

Investment in gold does not provide any current income, such as the dividend or rentals like the case of stocks and real estate where investors can get real and regular rewards from their investment without having to sell their asset.

You first consideration in this area is how well you cherish the jewelry, it psychological thrills, the milestone marked, as an accessory to complete an outfit, or just to make a statement.

The Economics Makes it Good

Certainly nothing is 100% reliable in the world of investing, but precious metals as an answer to how to protect yourself from a market crash, is close.

Throughout history, so long as scarcity exists, it will likely continue to be. There is just not enough gold and silver to go around. It is advised that we keep anywhere from 5% to 25% of our life’s assets as precious metals investment to hedge against a market crash.

Note that market conditions play a huge role in the fluctuation of precious metals, and a good economy is a good time to buy gold and silver.

In the end, it is always best to buy jewelry because it is meaningful to you – a statement watch to mark a career milestone, a stackable ring to commemorate a family event or a pair of diamond earrings from a loved one means much more than just the economic value.

Buying jewelry you will enjoy long term, which can someday be passed along to someone you care about. Rarely will this investment pay high financial dividend, instead consider your jewelry as a beautiful way to tell the story of your personal style.Investment valuable

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