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Historical facts have shown that jewelry has always been associated with wealth and social standing. At the same time because the wealthy and the affluent have faiths and apply them according to what the doctrines teach them (I am careful not to single anyone out though), jewelry has had strong influence on religious beliefs and the diverse cultures prevailing around us.

Records also highlight how pendants of sacred symbols worn as personal jewelry represented the faith of the person and indicated the religious affiliate of the wearer.

Throughout history, people have highly valued religious symbols, on the basis that, wearing such types of ornaments is believed to enhance the person’s faith and forestall danger.

For example, the influence of jewelry on Christianity is very evident today. The commonest religious jewelry is the crucifix. The Christian crucifix is believed to be the most widely recognized religious symbol in history.

Rings, bracelets and necklaces, which flaunt the symbol of Cross, identify the person as a Christian. Another powerful ornament in Christian jewelry is the ring, which signifies certain tenets of faith like chastity and purity. We must note that these items of jewelry are of quality metals and match the value ascribed to them.

At a wedding ceremony

This is a review of the use of jewelry by religion and how the faith based institutions have contributed to the spread of jewelry items in use among them.

The metals

More metals are today used than before to feed the desires of the people, including the faith based institutions. The glamour of the outfits of congregants to places of worship and temples, evidently showcase various blend of jewelry items adorned to strengthen the wealth of their outfits.

Whilst in the past, gold rings and heavy gold chains were worn, in contemporary times, more metals including silver, platinum, cobalt, and tungsten carbide for example, have been composited in the delivery of jewelry items.

So we find items such as wedding rings, anniversary gifts, brooches, necklaces and bangles flaunt symbols of faith, and of very high quality.

Ordinarily, we now have a proliferation of high quality and expensively priced jewelry markets globally.

The Proliferation

In our world, we have self indulged, especially when it concerns our idols, heroes, stars, famous actors and musicians and leaders.

Through self-indulgence, we have opened up the markets for many products and services, lifestyles and fashions.

Religions, have not been different. The temples and places of worship, have always brought together people of various persuasions, classes, and backgrounds, pulling together numbers that potentially provide an avenue for selling more jewelry items.

We have become so self-indulgent that we imitate our leaders and stars in the way they present themselves, particularly their outward adornment.

An adorned engagement ring

As selling is a number game, the numbers that are likely to invest in jewelry items, as a way of satisfying their emotional sense of belonging and spiritual uplifting, on aggregate is substantial, and good for the market.

The market

Avenues for buying and selling of jewelry items have not seized to expand. The retail stores are now globally close, thanks to the internet and the contribution of affiliate marketing outlets.

Online affiliate networks have open wider opportunities to get the buying public closer to getting what they seek from the online marketing platform.

Benefits from buying online

Benefits from buying online are many; quality items, many sellers to buy from, competitiveness in price, hassle free delivery, and possibility of return policy.

The market has become smaller regardless of where in the world you may happen to be.

Statistically, there are more people on the internet on a daily basis, and the numbers at a time favor the affluent, the youth between ages 21 and 43, largely singles in the middle income bracket, who are vibrant, willing and ready to spend.

Bold necklace and earrings

These factors provide the impetus for increased desire to expand the mediums of selling on the internet.

What we can’t forget

Pro-responsible and ethical sourcing of the metals used in the crafting and designing of the items of jewelry have remained integral, adding to the standard and stewardship demand on the industry.

Every step on the way, sourcing of the raw metals is based on environmentally friendly mining practices, that ensures human rights, and social responsibility for the natives and their environment.

Beyond that, the market also tracks and certifies the raw material by adopting the Kimberley process   for diamonds among others.

We should be mindful of the concern for the environment, particularly the abuses of communities in the mining areas, provision of facilities for improvement in the life of the people, and the use children as labor on mining sites.

In secondary processing setup, the finish items at some stages are graded for quality, ensuring that buyers pay the right price for what they are offered.

Effort to create operational standards for acquisition, processing to convert, and selling are made towards continuous improvement in the supply chain of the industry.

These are important for the health of the trade and the integrity of the market.

Religion’s influence the trade

The dynamics of the jewelry markets indicate that numbers are important and play critical role in ensuring a vibrant trade for jewelry.

Again, people in the Faith based institutions, constitute a profitable potential to tap into, because of the completeness of the congregants, and that willingness to imitate, copy and flow in the lifestyles of the heroes, champions, celebs and leaders among and within them.

Further, the numbers that visit the internet to do any search and create traffic for possible buying venture, are the affluent, educated and middle income youth, who are vibrant and capable of buying.

Imposing bungle jewelry

Clearly, the raw materials required for producing the stuff have considerably increased, and the monitoring to ensuring pro-responsible and ethical sourcing of the metals within the supply chain is well guided and certified, making the industry wholesome and environmentally friendly.

It is obvious that the review gives optimism to the jewelry market globally to flourish exponentially, and this is because selling is a game of numbers.

Already the vibrant buyers are found on the internet, busy seeking to satisfying their needs, and with the right pitching, the industry will have its share.

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