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Jewelry is made up of many aspects which usually are accessories to the outfit of a person dressed for an outing event. These include trinkets, earrings, brooches, rings, crowns, wristbands and watched and I intend to throw a little light on necklaces, a prime inclusion of the jewelry mix.

The objective is in trying to show the extent that Necklace have been an inducing influence on the jewelry trade and why it is critical for the business in general.

Discussing this, we will look back into knowing how necklaces have functioned in the past, and its transformation path to date.

We will also want to understand how strong it has stood in market creation, among those other aspects such as rings and wristbands for example.

Further, we would be able to disclose its continued excellent performance in the trade and industry, to the extent of receiving a vintage primacy and for which today a lot of custom jewelry have become accepted under brands that have blazed the designing and manufacturing paths of time.

What the paths of time did

Necklace is an article of jewelry worn around the neck and traversing time, having been a product used several many years, before and after the birth of Christ. Its reason for existence is largely due to the purpose of use as shown both in ancient and contemporary relevance.

And served well in ceremonial and religious purposes. In some instances, it has been the base of the authority that is transferred from one regime to another.

And that alone it is also said, carries the spirit of the peoples and right to be revered.

Necklaces have also served magical and funerary purposes, and medieval economies and authorities have hinged on these purposes among others in the delivery of justice oftentimes and also accord dignified burial ceremony to royals.

In the social settings, necklaces have also been used as symbols of wealth and status, often because of the precious metals and stones used in making them.

Making of the Necklace

The product as seen is often a chain, or cord or band that wraps around the neck, and is often rendered in precious metals, usually of silver, platinum or gold. Often it has attachment, such as pendants, lockets, amulets and crosses, suspended or inserted into the band or cord itself. 

The necklace is made in precious materials such as diamond, pearls, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Evidently, the value of the necklace has often been linked to material used, and if its made of synthetic materials, the value obviously would not be the same when made in high-priced materials.

Over the years necklaces have come in shapes and classifications depicting its purpose again, and all the way down to satisfy trends and fashion.

Early classification included choker, opera, princess, rope and lariat. These have spanned the centuries.

Custom Jewelry

The transformation era constituted the period when fashion and junk jewelry or fake jewelry was made, as ornaments to complement a fashionable custom or garment.

Indeed, this has been part of culture for several many years; with mass production as the key factor. Often made with semi-precious materials, less expensive, and ensuring that it comes out as appreciated, having a finish that matches those with authentic and expensive quality finish.

Custom jewelry therefore was made more affordable thus giving common people the opportunity to own and use them. That’s how the market begun to expand and therefore brought in its wake the need to expressly make the difference known in the market.

Let us not overlook the brand makers and the competitive infrastructure they invested in, to ensure that the market was stable and sales optimized.

The Hollywood connection

Necklaces like other jewelry aspects are often part of the outfits of these great actors and actresses of Hollywood, and because the film industry in the 50s and 60s had many patrons that followed and visited cinema houses, it was common to find seasoned actresses exhibiting particular brands of jewelry, and through such medium are able to cause the churning out of these necklaces in affordable prices for the people.

Such popularization of jewelry by movie stars, kind of gave endorsement to the designs and thereby opened the market for fashion jewelry.

Eventually what the industry succeeded in doing was to mark and attach famous names to crafted jewelry products under brands.

These products had the names of the stars engraved on the inside the gem, as a mark of quality. What became obvious was that it was not easy to come by these vintage fashion jewelry and therefore created a secondary line of business for itself.

The Business

Technology has pushed the selling frontiers of vintage and custom jewelry to another level all together.

Brand names are becoming more exclusive and expensive. Designer brands are more in the fashion jewelry and following the internet online marketing trend, even into retailing.

The custom or fashion jewelry selling is further broken into discrete category of accessory and exhibits many characteristics of a limiting self-contained market. Therefore, in this business, designer cum seller brands influence the market.

Again, the traditional events of mounting trade shows and exhibitions to assemble business owners, wholesalers, designers and manufacturers, as well as consumers including students of the trade, continue to be used extensively to address various mutual interests and concerns of all in the supply chain of the industry.

Necklace seem to be a strong component of the jewelry family that the market finds as the leader in the mix directing fashion.

Necklace is indeed the Cash cow

The discussion has delved into the long journey of the advent of jewelry and how deep it has influenced fashion, coming from the position of wealth and status, in its use for ceremonial, religious and other purposes.

Today there is expanded demand for the transformed pieces in fashion jewelry because of trends and adoptions due to designs and brands. The result of the age-old growth in the affordably priced jewelry has improved the use of online marketing, and also the strategic scheming through showcasing, trade shows and exhibitions to ensure more direct and targeted sales.

The necklace market is indeed a strong live wire for the sale of all the other components in the jewelry mix. Having made this assertion, it is also evident that the niche is an emerging one and needs to be watched.

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