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Jewelry of all shades and kinds, is popular in all parts of the world. People have come to appreciate and use jewelry regardless of the country or culture they belong. So the question is what is in jewelry that it has gained such a universal use? 

Jewelry has been an integral part of the human cultures since time immemorial. It has served different purposes that are of ancestral value. Today, beyond the values of old, jewelry is the new accessory of fashion, that enhances the appearance of an individual. So we can say that jewelry has a lot of use in our lives.

We will attempt to understand the product, what is unique about it, and examine what is in the use of it, along the lines as a beautifying material, as an investment piece, as a status symbol in society, as a memorabilia as well as its reflections on fashion. Our goal is to make jewelry more appetizing to own, and get you to buy some items of jewelry subsequently.

Women and Jewelry…a beautifying material

Everywhere in the world, women are first to adore jewelry, and are found wearing an ample variety of jewels. This is because it is always found to add something inherent and believed that jewels have the ability to add to a woman’s natural beauty. Isn’t this an amazing vibe! But it is so, and enjoyed.

Creativity and skillfulness of hands mold precious metals to create magnificent collections of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even fashion jewelry. At the point when these crafty designed jewels find the right place on a woman’s naturally curved figure, they get their due respect and the woman glows with a change in her body language.

To try to understand the whys in the daily use of jewels and how women look and feel in jewelry, you will not miss the key point that suggest that jewelry has the ability to highlight women’s personality and bring out the best features when wearing the right pieces for the right occasion.

Jewelry…a superlative item

For women, jewels are surely the most superlative items in their wardrobes. The importance of jewelry in a woman’s life can be explained by the fact that women love to wear jewels since ages. The higher values of the gem keeps increasing with the passage of time.

The industry for jewelry is made full with new designs and styles that are fulfilling and highly receptive to them. As an ornament, it has proved important for all special and auspicious occasion. These special moments include weddings, anniversaries and bold statement parties where women shine with jewels.

Men are not outshone anyway

Hey, we appreciate the fact that women are first to benefit from designs and styles of jewels, it is also quite common for men to wear jewels in recent times. Men have worn different types of jewelry items for ornamental purposes throughout history.

In today’s world, there are many types of jewelry items that are exclusively designed for men. With men standing shoulder to shoulder with women, wouldn’t it be a greater honor for considering jewelry as excellent gift ideas, as women can gift their men friends and husband’s gold chains, diamond tie pins, key chains and lots of other elegant items that speak volumes about their sentiments.

Jewelry as social symbols

People have always liked to show their wealth and affluence through their dresses, jewelry and other accessory. For such individuals they never lose sight of the opportunity to flaunt their wealth. It is of greater interest to note, that most ladies would gladly seek to show off their new jewelry acquisition and win the admiration of all.

Jewelry, an investment opportunity

It is not surprising that as an investment opportunity, jewelry and its industry is considered approximating over 100 billion, with major contribution coming from India, Italy, China, Thailand and the USA. In India, the gem and jewelry industry play a significant role in contributing to the Indian economy.

Again, India has gained global popularity because of its talented craftsmen, its superior practices in cutting and polishing find diamonds and precious stones. Its industry is also cost-efficient.

Many agree that buying jewelry is a good investment. There is more than enough of financial returns when one invest in the industry. It is believed that you can buy any sort of jewelry item and make a good returns on it.

Recent studies put America’s market as leader with market share of 30.8%, Japan, India, China and the Middle East each with 8 – 9%, and finally Italy with 5% share. It is predicted that by 2025, India and China are likely to be the topmost countries in shares.

In terms of business, investors agree that jewelry is among the best ways to store wealth. Historically, most cultures at some point have had a practice of keeping large amount of wealth in the form of jewelry. Plainly, an investment in jewelry is worthy of its returns.

Jewelry…a reminder of memories 

Most often, we get reminded of a beautiful occurrence which we happen to hold dear. Jewelry serves as a lasting reminder of the memories that we have with our loved ones. The monarchy is a good display of jewelry treasury that we all attest to and remember well.


We have gone the full cycle to establish that perhaps there is some uniqueness with jewels that enable its continuous increasing use by humankind. From our journey, we have seen and acknowledged that jewels beautify both sexes, but the special effects are on women.

Men think they must not be outshone by women. Indeed, many items of jewelry are exclusively designed for men. Women are encouraged to also consider jewelry as excellent gift ideas and go ahead and get them for their men.

Jewelry as an investment opportunity is explicitly dealt with. People are made to figure out how much they can accept it as a good thing to invest in jewels.

The importance of jewelry to our world today cannot be over emphasized, from the many returns it has, its symbol as a social status, and also as a memorabilia.

Jewelry adds a spark to our lives, and we ask you to click here to survey an array of jewelry to own.





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